We have some important news and information for you about the long awaited server merge! Please take a look inside for further details on how this will affect you and what you might want to keep in mind.
With all the new gear from the Sikuku Dungeons, we thought you would enjoy a refine event and sale!

After today's 5:30pm Sever Time Maintenance, all refines will be increased by 5% success and in the Item Mall, the Box of Venurunes & Box of Plutorunes will be available for purchase in the Special > Sales section, until April 1.
To celebrate the Sikuku Catacombs launch, we're letting everyone have a chance to jump in and experience the new dungeon as often as they can!

[Extended!] We'll be extending the Free Game Arena Energy event.
Starting now, until March 23, all Game Arena modes will cost no Energy! The Catacombs are waiting, are you prepared to find out the dark evils below the Prison?
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