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  • The website must clearly show a relationship to the ROSE Online game. Also the fact the game is a Fansite should be clear to visitors on the front page of the site..
  • Clan sites must show clear game related information outside of the clan information and how others can join your clan.
  • The site must be a completed site, no "under construction" pages or sections left to be worked on at a later time. Sites not completed will not be listed.
  • The fansite must be active. We will review the sites listed periodically and remove any site that is shown to be inactive or does not follow these guidelines.
  • Fansites may not contain or link to any files that break the ROSE Online End User License Agreement.
  • The site may not contain or link to any offensive or inappropriate material, online auction sites and any site where in-game goods are exchanged for real world currency.

Please submit an email with the following information.

- First Name
- Last Name
- Age
- Email Address
- Fansite Name
- Fansite URL
- Banner Image (147x30, in .gif or .jpg format)
- Brief Description of your fansite
- Please contact us at fansites@roseonlinegame.com
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