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Seven Different Planets

ROSE Online consists of seven vast planets. Each planet has its own set of particular characteristics and environments. Interplanetary explorers will enjoy the many different adventure scenarios that these worlds have to offer. Join us as we work together to expand the vast world and each planet.

Players Make Their Own Legends

The quests in ROSE Online are affected by the activities of the user community. Ever changing in-game environments such as quests and monster spawn rates are influenced by the action of the players. As a Visitor in the world each player writes their own legends by becoming part of the environment and world. As part of any players journey they will be asked to choose their own fates by aligning their favor towards one of the gods.

Player vs. Player & Group vs. Group

Players can form groups and compete for power and items. Participate in Open PvP or take it to the Training Grounds and test your power and strength with friends with Player formed groups. Groups can also participate in Crystal Defenders! A new Game Arena in which you can either be defending the mighty crystal or go out and assault it.

Technological Innovation & Tuning System

There are a total of 3 forms of transportation available in ROSE Online. Castle Gear which was developed to cause great damage to enemies in battles, the Cart which was developed to efficiently traverse the land, and the Flying Vessel which was developed to realize the dream of exploring outer space. It is possible to customize Carts and Castle Gears by changing parts and upgrading abilities.

Game arena

Part of the Arena training, players can take part in the Game arena. These wars are paired groups or individuals going head to head in a battle over strength and training. Players will be able to train themselves in the art of using Castle Gear and build up their teamwork while focused on training their skills. Game Arena can also test the might of our strongest users against the strongest monsters.

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