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The citizens of the Akram Kingdom were too busy recovering and rebuilding after the war with the Ikaness to notice at first, but the influx of strange people to the Adventurer's Plains eventually became a prominent issue. They seemingly came from nowhere, and had no idea of who they were or from where they had come. These strangers came to be known as the Visitors.

You, the Visitor, protect life and make right from all that is wrong. Visitors are divine beings that seldom suffer from hunger or thirst. They do not need as much sleep as most other creatures, but they can hurt, and they can love. It is far and wide believed that Arua created them, as a gift to the seven planets, and for the safety of all.

Arua's Servants tend to say:
"If ever there's a war to fight for the entire Sea of Souls… the Visitors will always be victorious!"

Hebarn's Vassals also have a saying:
"The Visitors are mighty and legendary, yes, but they are not perfect. For neither is Arua."


Born on all 7 planets, yet from no one planet at all, the Ikaness were without rightful lands, as they were slowly but surely outcast from the natives of each planet.

Feeling excluded, much like the God Hebarn himself, they waged battles across the 7 planets, in order to claim a land of their own. Having no God or Goddess of their own, the Ikaness targeted the citizens of Junon primarily, because of their privileged love of Arua; a Goddess meant for all.

The Ikaness formed an interplanetary organization that officially took arms against the Goddess Arua. This organization (known as The People in Red Robes) began to terrorize the inhabitants of Junon, in hopes that Arua's utopia would fall apart and open a window of opportunity for Hebarn to step in, to usurp the Goddess of Creation, and take charge. For it is said by the Red Robes that all who follow Hebarn will see Arua's undoing, as well as receive promised gifts of land, power, and dominance from The Dark God.

The Ikaness were threatened by this, and opened a grand-scale war against Junon. The First Ikaness War was won by Arua's Visitors, of course; immortal titans, protected by the Goddess of Creation. The Ikaness numbers were dramatically lowered, and their people scattered once again across the seven planets. A treaty was formed: the Ikaness would be welcome on Junon, and even claim small parts of its lands, if the Ikaness were to remain peaceful forevermore. This peace treaty was generally accepted, and even other planets (like the third planet Eldeon) allowed the Ikaness onto their lands.

With the peace settled, it seemed as if the 7 Visitors would no longer be needed, so they disappeared amongst the seven planets until a day when Arua's people would call for them again. And the Visitors became legend. Lost, but never forgotten.

But the People in Red Robes continued with their plots until present times. From Hebarn, word reached Junon that they would break the peace treaty, to have a second attempt at revenge and wage war on Arua's universe once more. If a Second Ikaness War breaks out, the Visitors would have to return… and this time, a heckuva lot more than just 7 are going to be needed!

Whether you are an Arua's Servant or a Hebarn's Vassal… You are a Visitor! The Sea of Souls needs you! Register free now to play ROSE Online!

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