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01| Choose an Attack Mode

You can choose an attack mode in the Option Windows (ALT+O). Under the Play Settings, lower half of the window you can change your Attack Targeting settings.
Click : Target & DblClick : Attack
is for classes that use more ranged skills than others, such as Muse. After targeting an enemy by clicking the left mouse button, you can choose a skill to attack. Double clicking the left button of a mouse will initiate attacks.
Click: Target + Attack
is for classes that use fewer skills and more close combat attacks. A single left click of the mouse will both target an enemy and initiate attack at the same time, so the 2nd attack mode is easier for melee class characters to hunt monsters.

02| Monster Level Information

You can see the monsters' level from their name color.
Stronger monsters give more experience points and rewards, but may require a party.
Strong Monsters Suitable Monsters Weak Monsters
Purple Pink Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Azure Grey

01| Party Organization

Characters can join a party at any level. The settings for EXP Share and Loot Drops are only able to be turned on if the characters in the party are no more than 10 levels different between the lowest level and the highest level in the party. A party can contain you and 6 of your friends. Max Party Size is 7.

02| Party Level

Party Member Capacity: 6
Benefit 1
As the party levels the EXP Bonus given to players increases at 1% per level up to Party Level 50. For a MAX of 50% more EXP while in a party.
Benefit 2
As a party levels up, the HP and MP of all party members will be fully restored.

01| Trade between Users

How to Trade
Select the Player you wish to trade with then use the Trade skill located in your skill window (ALT+S). Place the item(s) you wish to trade to them by clicking and dragging the items from your Inventory to the Trade Window. Check and Verify the item(s) you wish to trade then click Confirm, verify the trade items in both windows then click Exchange.

02| Personal Vending Shop

Sell your items using a vending shop!
How to Open
Use the Vending skill in your Skill window (ALT+S). You can name your shop by editing the top part of the Vending skill window "Character Name's Personal Shop". Drag and place the items you want to sell into the Vending window. You can then set the Price you wish to sell at as well as the Quantity if available. Press the Start button when you are ready to open your shop.
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