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"The Premium Service is an account wide Power Up, that will apply to all of your characters!
The Premium Service enhances many game features, that will help your game play experience be more enjoyable, faster and easier all around.
You may use Item Mall Points to purchase a 30 Day Premium Service token from our
Item Mall (Items > Gameplay) or trade for a token from players in-game.
Using multiple tokens will extend your Premium Service time by an additional listed number of days, per token consumed."

Basic Account Premium Account
Character Creation1 Up to 3 Characters Up to 8 Characters
Experience2 Standard Rates +30% Extra Experience
Drop Rate2 Standard Rates +50% Extra Drop Rate
+50% Clan Point Yields
Storage3 Standard NPC Access
(4 pages) Account
(1 page) Character
Access storage from anywhere!
(10 pages) Premium Storage
No Storage Tax on Premium Storage
Game Arena4 Standard Game Play
Arena Costs
Unlimited Game Arena Energy
+10 Honor from PvP Quests
+20% Honor Gains from PvP
+50% Maximum Honor Limit
Valor Quests Standard Rates +10 Valor from Valor Quests
Login Rewards5 None Premium Gift Box
  1. Characters once created can be normally accessed even after Premium Status expires.
  2. Standard Rates refer to a 100% or "normal" rate of yield for experience or drop chances.
  3. Account Storage is shared between all characters on the account.
    • Character Storage is only accessible to the character.
    • Premium Storage is accessible to all characters on the account, like Account Storage.
    • Premium Storage has a unique storage access button where you may access all storages from anywhere in-game!
    • Items placed in to Premium Storage may be retrieved at any time, even after Premium Status ends.
    • Each page holds up to 40 items.
  4. Game Arena Energy is required to enter each Game Arena Mode, both PvP and Dungeons (PvM).
  5. Login Rewards are given shortly after being logged in for 5 minutes.
    • Additional Premium Gift Boxes can be obtained for every 6 hours spent logged in after the previous Gift Box is redeemed.
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