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01 l ROSE Item Mall Guide

To access the Item Mall select the [IM] button attached to the map at the top right.

This will bring up the Item Mall interface where you will be allowed to purchase unique items with Item Mall Points (IM Points). Your current Item Mall Points balance will be displayed on the bottom left hand corner. The promotions tab on the right of the window will display New, Hot, and Sale items.

From the Item Mall tab you can purchase items such as Consumables, Costumes, Weapons, and more! To purchase an item click on the [Buy] button on the items available for purchase. If the item is consumable a calculator will appear. Enter the amount you want to purchase.

Once you have entered the amount, or the purchase is a non consumable a confirmation window will pop-up to confirm your purchase. After reviewing this information if you would still like to purchase the item, simply click on the [Purchase] button or alternatively you may click on the [Cancel] button.

After an Item is purchased it will appear in the Item Mall Storage tab. You can open this tab by clicking on the [Storage] button on the left side of the Item Mall window.

02 l Gifting

To give an item as a gift to another user, select the item from your Item Mall Storage tab. Click on [Gift] and a window will pop-up where you can enter the name of the character you want to gift your item to. Make sure the spelling is correct and press the [Confirm] button.

03 l Power Up

If you do not have enough Item Mall points you can purchase points at www.warpportal.com. Alternatively clicking the [Power UP!] button will direct you to the needed page.

04 l Tabs

The tabs on both sides of the Item Mall window can be opened and closed by clicking on the individual tabs.
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