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Halloween Event: Convert WPE-->Premium days!

Bewitched Bonus Premium Service time!

When you convert your Warp Portal Energy to a ROSE Online Game Account!

During the month of October there are tons of exiting events and promotions going on, celebrating the creatures that inhabit ROSE Online. Prankish spirits have cast a strange spell over our Warpportal page during our Monster's Month in Junon Polis!

From Tuesday, October 22nd until Monday, November 4th
When you convert 500 Warp Portal Energy or more, into Item Mall points,
you will get 7 days of Premium Days time added to that account, FREE!!

As an added bonus, if you convert 1,000 Warp Portal Energy or more,
you will receive the rare Coffin of the Undead! Limit one per ROSE Game Account.

Only one '7 Days of Premium Days' bonus and per ROSE Game Account, will be given.
The bonus will be added on the following Tuesdays and Fridays after the conversion is made.
Conversion amounts are not accumulative and are based on a per conversion transaction.

So don't miss out Roserians! Give Premium Service a try and enjoy the benefits!
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