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Create Your Own Stories! [Quest Creation]

Everyone has a story to tell but what if you could LIVE the story? Well, now is the best time for you to show off your amazing story by creating a Quest! That's right Roserians! It is very possible for you to create a Quest and SEE it in-game someday~ Not only will you have your creation forever in ROSE Online but you will also be rewarded a small prize pack! So start mastering the art of story-telling today! (Creating a Quest doesn't promise that it will be added in)


The general format you want to have when posting a Quest Thread is ::

Name of the Quest ::

General idea of the Quest ::

Multiple Parts ::

Describe the Quest as much as possible(What the player would do, which NPC's, you want to use, what they would say) ::

Map Location ::

Reward(s) ::

Any other information ::


Click here for an example of a somewhat simple Quest.

So what would you get if you submit a valid quest?

  • The Fame and Fortune of having YOUR idea in ROSE Online

  • 15X ROSE Teleportation Ticket

  • Random Box(Panda Backpack Box, Summer Fun Box, Box of Medal of Fortune, Box of Giving, etc.)

  • In-game Applause from me!

We are eager to see what creations you guys think of! There is no official end-date so take your time and feel free to edit any threads you create.

This thread can be used for questions, examples, etc.
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