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St Patricks Day Shamrock Event!

Time again for the great Shamrock Hunt!

Winter is fading, and as the world turns green, the time to find Shamrocks has returned! The Leprechauns have returned to ROSE Online, and they have decided to re-enter the ROSE worlds early! This year the hunt for Shamrocks will be starting on 03/06/2017!

In order to start your St Patricks day adventures, find [Event Info] Judy in Zant! She wants to gather as many Shamrocks as she can, and she needs your help! Those pesky leprechauns are running rampant on her event plans! Trade the Shamrocks you find to Judy to nets that will help you catch the Leprechauns and save the day! If you help enough, Judy will reward you with St Patrick goodies!

Shamrocks drop from monsters your level!

This year the Shamrock hunt will start on 03/06/2017, after our server maintenance at 2PM PST!
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