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2017 ROSE Online Summer Games Registration

The 2017 Summer Games are coming to ROSE Online!



Are you part of a pro Clan who can PvP like no other? Do you want to prove your Clan is the best there is?

Join us for the Clan PvP Tournament: 2017 Summer Games edition,  a 5 v 5 Clan Challenge beginning at the end of the month!



Game Arena rules will apply for the tournament battles. Teams will be manually transported to a battle zone to fight for the championship.

Consumable items will not be available to be used during the matches. 

Each clan may only have 5 Clan Members per battle, and must appear for the tournament. No shows automatically forfeit their match.

A Clan may only enter the Tournament once. You cannot have more than one team from the same Clan.

Clan registration ends on 06/15/2017. The Tournament schedule is to be announced the week after registration ends.



All winning Clans will receive a T shirt costume with their Clan logo incorporated on it (all Clan members will receive this reward)

The Grand Prize winner will receive a custom Samurai Flag back item with their Clan logo incorporated on it and a consumable item package which will include premium time as well. (these rewards will only go to the winning team members)

Registration Form

Clan Name:

Players Participating (You will need 5 players to participate):

Clan Design:


*Further information will be posted closer to the end of the month. Send your Clan Registrations to the official forum post.
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