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Premium Bonus Event [06/16/2017 - 06/30/2017]


Celebrate Summer with our Premium Bonus Event!


This weekend everyone gets two free days of Premium!

From 06/16/2017 through 06/18/2017, everyone will have Premium accounts! Already have Premium? These two days of Premium are added onto even Premium user accounts, so your Premium will last two extra days!


Earn extra Premium!

That's not all! Spending Item Mall Points will also earn you extra Premium! For every 100 IM Points you spent starting now 06/16/2017 through 06/30/2017, you will earn 1 day of Premium for your account! So if you were to purchase a Premium Coin from the shop (600 IM Points) you would earn six days of extra Premium at the end of the month!


Don't miss out on this Premium Bonus Event starting this weekend in ROSE Online!
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