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2017 ROSE Online Summer Games Tournament Rount 1



The first part of the ROSE Online Summer Games will take place on 06/23/2017 starting at 1PM PDT. We have set up a tournament schedule that may change before the event starts. It is possible we will not have time for every match this Friday, if this is the case we will host the remaining Round 1 games the following week. Clans with more than one team will go first until there is only one team per Clan.


Team Javanese Matches (Starting at 1PM PDT)


Match 1: Team 1 vs Team 2

Match 2: Team 3 vs Team 4


Match 3: Winner from Match 1 vs Winner from Match 2


Team Garuda Matches


Match 4: Team 1 vs Team 2

Match 5: Team 3 vs Team 4


Match 6: Winner from Match 4 vs winner from Match 5



Match 7: Javanese winning team vs Garuda winning team 


Match 8: Hispanos vs Aphelion


Match 9: OrganizationXIII vs AcesofSpade


Match 10: Aura vs Inferno


Match 11: Vanguard vs Lover


Participating teams must be logged in at the appropriate time and we will be summoning team members to the Tournament location once their match starts. 


We will be livestreaming this event on the Warpportal Twitch and Youtube channels.
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