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2017 ROSE Online Summer Games Round 1 Part 2


Hello Roserians!


Watch our last three battles of the first round in the 2017 ROSE Online Summer Games this Friday 06/30/2017 at 1:15 PM PDT on Twitch and Youtube!


We have updated our rules a bit for the remainder of the Tournament:


- Teams must be available 10 minutes prior to their match. If a team is not ready at the time the match is supposed to start they will be immediately disqualified. 

- Substitutes will not be allowed after the first round, and all substitutes will be permanent members of that team once they have participated in a match. 


Here is the tentative schedule for this weeks matches (times may vary depending on how long matches go. Teams will still be expected to be ready once they match begins)


2017 ROSE Online Summer Games Tournament Round 1 Part 2


1:15 PM PDT : Match 1 


Clan Garuda 

Team 2 vs Team 4


1:35 PM PDT : Match 2

Team 1 Javanese vs the winner from Clan Garuda


2 PM PDT : Match 3

Veterans vs Kigen


*Remember that teams must be ready 10 minutes prior to the match starting. Team for Garuda must be ready by 1:05PM PDT, Team Javanese and Team Garuda must be ready at 1:25PM PDT, Team Veterans and Team Kigen must be ready at 1:50PM PDT. 

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