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August 2017 Daily Challenge Bonus Event


Hello Roserians!
The Daily Challenge Bonus Event is back! Starting today 08/08/2017 through 08/31/2017, level up, complete dungeons and pvp challenges every day to earn awesome prizes at the end of the month!




Complete the daily challenges below, and you can earn Honor, Valor and Lucky Spin Coins!


Any Honor/Valor/Premium points awarded at the end of the event will not be affected by the point cap, for characters who are capped out!


These daily challenges will be obtainable every day until August 31st! You can complete them once per day to receive points and coins. 



The Challenges


• Level up a character (level 50 +)
- Level up a character up by 1 level to earn 2 Lucky Spin Coins, per day (per account).
• Complete a Dungeon Quest
- Completing a Dungeon Quest on a character earns you 50 Valor Points, per day.
• Complete a Game Arena Dungeon
- Completing a Game Arena Dungeon (Cave of Ulverick, Halls of Oblivion, etc) earns you 100 Valor Points, per day.
• Complete a PvP Daily Quest
- Completing a PvP Daily Quest (offered by a Battlemaster) on a character earns you 5 Honor Points, per day.
• Complete Draconis Peaks
- Completing a game of Draconis Peaks earns you 75 Honor Points, per day.
• Complete Crystal Defenders
- Completing a game of Crystal Defenders earns you 150 Honor Points, per day.
• Complete Akram Arena
- Completing a game of Akram Arena earns you 200 Honor Points, per day.


*All rewards will be distributed at the end of the event

** Level up rewards will only be distributed to players leveling up past level 50. Players found to be abusing this event will be banned from the event rewards and may face further action taken against their account and all associated accounts. 

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