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Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Event

'Th' Winds be blowin’ across th' seven seas! That means 'tis the hour for the salty sea dog himself to return! Cap'n PegLeg be back in Junon Polis 'n he's lookin' fer some treasure. Get ready to shout like a scurvy pirate and hunt down them gold doubloons in order t’obtain some 'o his treasures! Ye will be a true buccaneer with this sweet pirate gear!

And don't forget about those dangerous Golden Thief bugs in Orlo! They be causing trouble again by stealin Gold Doubloons! Head to Orlo to take out these annoyin' bugs and get th' treasure!

Th' Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Event will begin Septembarrrr 15th 'n run ‘til Septembarrrr 30th. Savvy?


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