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Halloween Fun Event

The ROSE Halloween event has begun early for all to enjoy! Experience the Ghoulish Fun until the stroke of midnight on October 31st!

The energy of Halloween rejuvenates the evil Heburkal as he
rises once again to invade
the City of Junon Polis
! Defend the city as he and his minions terrorizes the inhabitants! Fight and defeat Heburka's Pet, and other Arachnids for a chance to claim one as your mount! [Guide] Eva, and the [Soldiers] Odello and Winters will have more details for you to help you prepare!

As the Hallowed winds blow through ROSE's world, so does our [Mysterious Traveler] Edeline. You can
locate her within the Adventurer's Plains. She comes prepared with a number of tasks and quests for all adventurers to enjoy! She's always had a liking to certain costumes as well. These special costumes can be found within the Item Mall, so be sure to visit her and show that costume off and she might mistake you for someone else and send you on a quest!

Or listen to her tale about the Legend of the Grand Pumpkin and decide if
the lore is true and go on a hunt!

Don’t forget to Trick or Treat within the Canyon City of Zant, with the residents, and much more during the Halloween Fun Event!

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