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Christmas Event

Greetings Roserians!

Christmas trees and decorations have appeared as if by magic overnight throughout ROSE, and with the sound of holiday joy in the air, ROSE Online’s Christmas event begins!

Visit Santa's Planetoid and protect this precious winter holiday from the evil Reindeer causing panic everywhere! You can also pick up a quest from the nefarious evil reindeer himself for more rewards!

Santa's reindeer also need your help as Santa crash landed while flying through ROSE! Santa and his Reindeer seem to be okay, but goblins are up to their old shenanigans and have stolen Santa’s Sleigh! It’s up to you Roserians to go to the Goblin Caves in Adventurer's Plains and save Santa's Reindeer! Complete all of Santa's tasks to get a special reward, and collect Snow Crystals and Elifedora to get a Santa Cart! Don’t wait and get your Santa Cart before the Christmas Event ends on January 3rd!

ROSE Online's 12 Days of Christmas is also officially under way! Log in every day for special holiday bonuses! These bonuses stack to become more powerful the more days you log in in a row, so don't miss out on a single day for a chance at maximum EXP, Drop Rate and Zulie Rate Bonus!

The WarpPortal Team would also like to thank our community for another amazing year! We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Holiday with all your family and friends!

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