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Lucille's Ball Grand Event 2018


It's time for this year’s ROSE Ballroom Gala, and it looks to be the fanciest event! The Ballroom Gala is a time to enjoy tons of dancing and celebrate with friends and family. The honorable Felice Fete is hosting in the honored City of Junon Polis' Grand Ballroom. To enter, all you need is a piece of Lacrima!

Oh no! The Monsters of ROSE Online are trying to crash this party! They don't seem to enjoy Fancy celebrations as much as the rest of us…they just love to ruin the fun for everyone! [Event Info] Felice Fete has all the details about those crazy monsters. She can be found near the center fountain in the busy City of Junon Polis. [Event Info] Felice Fete's lovely sister; Lucille will be thrilled to see you within the Ballroom. She will have rewards galore for your help in stopping the party crashers.

To enter the poshest of Ballroom's available on Junon acquire precious Lacrima from monsters around your level! One Lacrima will give you permission to enter the Ballroom so you can safely dance the night away! Once you acquire said Lacrima, give it to [Event Info] Felice Fete in Junon Polis!

The dance will commence on April 24th. You can dance! We can dance! Make sure to take the chance (!) since the ballroom will be closing on May 15th!

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