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Graduation Event 2018

School's out and it's time to put on the Blue and Purple Gown and Graduate!

This time, you will be finished for good(probably)! We all know that we have been slacking around a bit but thanks to Extra Credit, you will be able to pass this year. Extra Credit can be obtained from monsters from your level! We wonder where and how they got them...

You can start this expedition of being a renowned ROSE Graduate by heading to Junon Polis first and speaking to Akram Ambassador Adalric. He can be a bit of a toughie, so make sure you are level 50 so you can start the quest. You can find him in the middle of Junon Polis as he usually hangs out behind the fountain.

The Extra Credit you acquire can be given to Akram Ambassador Mairard for the Cap, Gown, and ROSE Online Yearbook.What a honor it will be graduated from the great University of ROSE Online.

The Graduation will start on May 17th, 2018 and will be ending on May 31st, 2018! Make sure to work hard so you can grab your unique Cap n' Gown!

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