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ROSE Online Summer Luau

The warmth of summer is still kicking Roserians! So let's help heat up and bring the summer fun to Luna! You helped Judith and the Summer gang on Sunshine Coast but now Anzhelika needs your assistance. Now is the time to head to Eucar to help the snowy land of Luna.

The cute restaurant owner is chilling over in Eucar on the Planet Luna and has only wished for Summer to grace her  wonderful home. Sadly, she is always surrounded by the snow year long and wishes for your help to experience it! All you need to do is bring Summer to her, simple as that. You will need to travel to many exotic locations to grab the items she needs. Once you give her the items she requires, you will have a 1 out of 6 chance of winning a special Hawaiian Themed item! How cool is that!

Time to fly over to Luna for your chance to acquire some unique items! Summer is not going to last forever so don't delay!
This year's Luau Event will last from July 9th to July 30th!

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