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2018 Summer Games Registration

The 2018 ROSE Online Summer Games are quickly approaching Roserians!

Are you ready to team up and do battle in order to claim the Grand Prize? Registrations are open now for the 2018 ROSE Online Summer Games! The 5v5 Clan PvP tournament will starting up towards the end of July so don't wait!


  • Game Arena rules will apply for the tournament battles. Teams will be manually transported to a battle zone to fight for the championship.

  • Each registration may only have 5 Clan Members per battle, and must appear for the tournament.

  • No shows automatically forfeit their match.

  • A Clan may have up to 4 teams within the tournament but a player may not be on more than one team (including alts). Teams within the same Clan will battle one another first before moving on to battle other Clans.

  • Clan registration will close on 07/12/2018. The Tournament schedule is to be announced the week after registration ends.

  • A class restriction of no more than 2 of each class per team will be enforced.

  • The same rules as GA will be in effect, with no consumables allowed except crafted/honor potions and honor buff potions. 


  • All participating Clans will receive a 'ROSE Online 2018 Summer Games' T-shirt in game

  • The winning Clan will receive T-shirt costumes with their Clan logo incorporated on it (all Clan members will receive this reward)

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive a custom Samurai Flag back item with their Clan logo incorporated on it and a consumable item package which will include premium time as well (these rewards will only go to the winning team members)

Ready to register your team? Head over to the Official Registration Page for the 2018 Summer Games!

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