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Magic is Everywhere 2018

Magic has returned again to ROSE Online! You can feel it in the air, the water, and every nook and cranny throughout the worlds right? Our resident ROSE creatures have taken this season’s opportunity to relocate their horded stashes filled with magic and friendship from their hiding places; this is your chance to catch them and share in their stash! Defeat monsters throughout Junon, Luna, Eldeon and Orlo and you might have a chance to get your hands on one of these mysterious boxes!

Open the boxes to discover rare items once worn by friendly ancient warriors. Every box offers a slim chance to get one of those ancient and rare pieces of equipment! Use a Gold Key (In the Item Mall: Specials > Special) to guarantee your choice of a costume item (head or tail). Using a Silver Key will guarantee one random costume piece!

Didn’t get the one costume piece you desire? Bring your costume piece to [Designer] Keenu in the Canyon City of Zant! She's been collecting all the pristine beautiful pieces she can get her hands on. If you speak with her she will even exchange your unwanted piece for a coupon. Every 3 coupons will grant you one exchange with a costume piece from her collection! Using 5 coupons will allow you to choose between a headpiece or back item!

Magic is everywhere this summer so let's end it by collecting yourself some fantastic rare items!
Don’t miss out on the magic as this adventurer only lasts until the end of August!

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