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2018 Back to School Event

The time has come to hit those skill books once again! Join us in the Canyon City of Zant for some studying, testing, homework, and exam fun! Talk to [Event Info] Judy, to get your classes started: test your knowledge and win some valuable rewards to use in this Back to School Season!

Use your math skills, science prowess, geography knowledge, and even your P.E. stamina to earn some cool Off-hand school supplies such as Pencils, Crayons, Rulers, and much more!

For those of you who have completed your Final Exams, Judy is looking for all the school spirit she can find. If you can get through all the studies and collect enough School Spirit, she will offer one of two special permanent mounts, the Krawfy or Green Krawfy Mount!

Don't be left out, the Back to School Event starts August 20, and end September 8!
Join us for some fantastic academic fun!

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