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Festival of Thanks 2018

The Festival of Thanks is underway! Visit Darren, the Mayor of Junon and help prepare for the Thanksgiving Feast! He will send you on a mission to give thanks to the great people who have helped us along the way! Thanking these helpful citizens will prove to Darren and the Akram Kingdom that you have what it takes to help put together the feast for all of Junon! You will also receive a special map, a special map that will help reveal the location of the amazing Turkey Shooter! This weapon has the power of a thousand turkey cries whenever it is used!

Perhaps drawn by the scent of a great feast, the Super Worm Dragon is said to be seen in the Gorge of Silence! He may be more likely to be found lurking during the night! Confront this mighty foe at your own risk!

If you are looking for even more adventure, it looks like the whole festival may be in danger once again! Talk to [Designer] Lisa in the city of Junon Polis and pick up the daily event quest! Help fight a terrible foe trying to ruin this great holiday and get awesome rewards!

This event is live now and will continue until 12/1/2018!
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