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Rescheduled Extended Maintenance Oct 25th
Greetings WarpPortal Citizens!

On October 25th, at 7am PST we'll be having maintenance for ALL titles in preparation of a major hardware move at our IDC (Internet Data Center). We are consolidating our server into a single location, something we've wanted to do for a long time. What this means for you is that for approximately 24 hours next week the forums, websites and games will be down.

Starting at approximately 9am PST the servers will be turned off and moved to their new locations. During this time ALL games, forums, and websites will be down until this move is completed. At current this is projected to be a 24 hour process, scheduled to end 9am PST October 26th.

Since most services will be down we'll be posting on the Facebooks and Twitters to keep you all up to date on our status. Follow us to keep up to date and find out when the servers are ready:


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