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[Extended] Server Maintenance 04/13/2017

Server Maintenance [Complete]


We apologize for the delay, however unfortunately we have had to postpone the patch we had planned for today's maintenance due to critical errors encountered while creating the patch.   We decided it would be best to not keep you waiting any longer and have brought the servers back online until we have resolved the issue.  As soon as everything is in order, we will announce a new maintenance time tomorrow (April 14th).


In the meantime, we have ramped up EXP, Drops and Clan Point bonuses to 4x until the next maintenance, so we hope you will take advantage of those insane bonuses!


We were able to complete the Item Mall portion of our maintenance, which I'll post here for now:


Item Mall


Specials > Event

  • Easter Egg (25)

  • Easter Bunny Backpack

  • Brown Bunny Backpack

  • Big Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box

  • Mini-Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box

Specials > Seasonal

  • April Lucky Box

    • Defense Booster (Party) (5)

    • Damage Booster (Party) (5)

    • Adventurer Medal (3)

    • Gold Bar (18)

    • Venurune (40)

    • Plutorune (4)

    • Medal of Fortune (2)

    • Rojo Luchador Set (1)

    • Verde Luchador Set (1)

    • Azul Luchador Set (1)

    • Perfect Drill (1)

    • Arua's Blessing (5)

    • Nepturune (2)

The following items are no longer available for purchase:

  • Summon Leprechaun

  • Kiss me Im Irish T-Shirt

  • Clover Balloon

  • St. Patricks Lucky Box

  • March Lucky Box

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