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August 1st Server Maintenance Has Been Completed!

The server maintenance has been completed! Check out this week’s server maintenance notes below!

Sever Maintenance Notes
Summer Sharing event bonuses have been extended through to August 7th as a result of the service interruptions we have been facing over the last few days. Summer Item rewards up to 2300 entries are currently being distributed and should be added by the end of the day.
Magic is Everywhere! event has started and will run through to August 31st!
A +5% refine and empowerment bonus event and sale will be run until August 14th!

Refine and empowerment materials are 50% off for the duration of the bonus event:
Charged Empowerment Shard
Venurune (5)
Saturune (5)
Box of Plutorunes
Box of Venurunes
Box of Saturunes

The following items are no longer available for purchase from the Item Mall:
Big Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box
Mini-Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box
Big Astarot Wings of Sentiment Box

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