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Client / Server Update & Restart
We do apologize for the short notice and the late Friday restart, but we felt that one of the fixes was important enough to get in before the weekend.

At 5 PM PST on the 3rd the following comes in both a Client EXE update and a Server Restart.

Bug Fixes

A number of Clan messages have been moved to the system messages rather than as message box popups
Corrupted buy list data no longer causes mass client crashing to all users in visual range.
This was the cause for the recent [Blank Name] character crashing that has happened over the last week.
Missing face bug caused by accessing storage is fixed with this new client.
The Character select list has some resizing bugs fixed.

Other Changes

Re-roll hammers now work on event equipment without a blue sub stat.
This was to come with next weeks Valentine's Day Event update, but is going in today.

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