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Patch Notes v610


Patch Notes v610

Lucky Spin

Summer is here, and it's hot! That can only mean fiery Lucky Spin costumes, and this month our talented community have shown us just how hot things can get with three new costume and back item designs!

  • Royal Flare Costume New!Royal-Flare-Costume.jpg
  • Hot Blaze Costume New!Hot-Blaze-Costume.jpg
  • Disastrous Flame Costume New!Disastrous-Flame-Costume.jpg
  • Celestial Adornment New!
  • Fox Wing New!
  • Megaflare Wings New!
  • Cute School Look
  • Blue Cute School Look
  • Lifeguard Costume
  • And a whole lot of Summer Fun Beachwear!


A Paradigm Shift is coming!


We are excited to announce that the Paradigm Shift update is coming to the live servers on June 21st! If you would like a sneak peek of what is coming with the update, check out our Pegasus test server.


We will be continuing to test and polish the update this week and would appreciate community feedback and reports on any issues that may be encountered while testing on Pegasus. To sweeten the deal, we will be giving a unique back item designed by our own community member Feuer to anyone who logs in on Pegasus this week, or has previously participated in testing the update on Pegasus.

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