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Patch Notes v612


Patch Notes v612

While there are no balance changes in this patch, we are continuing to collect and review player feedback on the Paradigm Shift update and plan to address balancing concerns in the upcoming weeks.

We highly encourage everyone to try out the Paradigm Shift update either on our test server (Pegasus) or the live server (Arua) and provide feedback on your experiences so that we may continue to identify where further adjustments are most needed.
Mystery Event!!!!
Join us at 12PM PDT on July 4th in Junon Polis for a mystery event! What ever could it be??!?!?!?!
Skill Changes
Mirror Phantasm
Corrected duration and effect amount on skill tooltip display.

Evasive Guard
Corrected duration and effect amount on skill tooltip display.

Spear Deflection Stance
Corrected Dodge Rate bonus per skill level to 20/30/40/50/100, previously at 20/20/30/40/100.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue causing client to crash when Game Arena PvP match ends.
  • Corrected issue causing skill expiry timers to display a lower time than expected.
  • Corrected issue causing status effects to flash and display incorrect expiry timers while in a party or group.
  • Corrected issue with skill effect duration not appearing on some skill tooltips.
  • Corrected various Defense and Attack Speed headgear stat changes that were lost during a previous patch.
  • Corrected issue preventing group invite function from selecting and entering the name of an already targeted player.
  • Corrected Ancient Scream Mask not being able to be placed in Item Mall storage.
  • Disabled the use of HP Point and MP Point items in Game Arena game modes and Junon Cartel.
  • Corrected typo in Paradigmatic Ore item description.
  • Corrected typo in Rift Boomer item description.


  • The refine bonus event has now ended.  Box of Plutorunes will continue to be on sale in the Item Mall until our next update.
  • All characters have been given 24 extra hours of Job Skill Retraining, Unique Skill Retraining and Stat Point Retraining skill access in light of the skill timer issues players were experiencing at the launch of the Paradigm Shift update.
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