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Patch Notes v614


Patch Notes v614


Sharing is Magic! Event

If you haven't heard about it yet, check out the craziness over here!  We just hit 900 entries which gets all of you lovely folks 5 additional Lucky Spins, and we're still going!

Lucky Spin

We're all about magic this August, so we're thrilled to show case 3 new costumes and 2 new back items, designed by our community members who went on a magical school adventure that rocked the seven stars:

  • Dragon Tamer Costume New!Dragon-Tamer-Costume-PR.jpg
  • Class S High School Costume New!Class_S_High_School_Costume-PR.jpg
  • Magical Wisezard Costume New!Costume-PR.jpg
  • Golden Pixie Wings New!Golden_Pixie_Wings01.png
  • Wings of Twilight New!Wings-of-Twilight.jpg
  • Tribal Costume
  • Indian Costume
  • Black Samurai Costume
  • Gold Samurai Costume
  • T-100 Rosenator Costume
  • Dark ROSE Costume
  • Rojo Luchador Costume
  • Verde Luchador Costume

[Don't forget to take advantage of those extra Lucky Spins and unlimited shuffles from the Magic is Sharing! event.]
Premium Account

  • Added new item, the Magical Wizard Hat (created by community member Feuer) to the Premium Daily Box.


  • All empowerment material item restrictions have been relaxed to Account Locked (previously Character Locked).
  • Corrected display issue with female version of Luau Raver Costume.
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