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Patch Notes v616


Patch Notes v616


Sharing is Magic! Event

Everyone gets Premium Account perks ** until the end of August for unlocking the 1800 entry tier! If you haven't been following the event, check out the event page over at here to get involved and unlock even more goodies throughout August!

We are also fast approaching our first hidden reward tier at 2300, so stay tuned for more announcements about that.
** Excludes additional character creation slots.

Item Mall

Specials > Sale

  • 180 Days Premium Service

Specials > Event

  • Back-to-School Box
  • School Backpack Box
  • Schoolbook Bag Box
  • Box of Ribbons

And available only until the end of August:

  • Astarot Wings of Rage
  • Astarot Wings of Frost
  • Astarot Wings of Gloom
  • Astarot Wings of Storms
  • Astarot Wings of Despair

Specials > Limited

  • Sapphire Lucky Box

Also a reminder that this week is your last chance to take advantage of our summer themed boxes, so don't delay before the summer days come to an end!

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