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Patch Notes v619


Patch Notes v619

Lucky Spin


Ahoy, Maties!

Arrrrrrgust be behind us, but Septembarrrrrrr lives on like a cold breeze in the open sea! Our scurvy community seadogs have been plundering their booty chests and found gear that made Davey Jones' walk the plank.

  • Royal Fortune Costume New!
  • Riot Corsair Costume New!
  • Outlaw Punk Costume New!
  • Captain Zack Outfit
  • Explorer Rascal Costume
  • Hippie Costume
  • Hunter Costume
  • Lolita Costume

And because we're all about pirates this month, all of our pirate themed outfits (Royal Fortune, Riot Corsair, Outlaw Punk and Captain Zack) will also receive an additional +25% EXP bonus on top of the regular Lucky Spin bonus throughout September! Shiver me timbers~!


Specials > Event

  • Captain's Booty
    • Pink Captain's Eyepatch
    • Blue Captain's Eyepatch
    • Gold Captain's Eyepatch
    • Green Captain's Eyepatch
    • Red Captain's Eyepatch
    • Violet Captain's Eyepatch
    • White Captain's Eyepatch

Summer themed boxes are no longer available for purchase.


Talk Like A Pirate! Event



A new item, Pirate Booty Bag (created by a member of our amazing community!), can be earned by trading in your Ancient Pirate Coins to [Captain] Peg Leg during the most swashbuckling event of the year!  Talk Like a Pirate! begins on 15th September, and runs through to 30th September.  Keep an eye out for more details soon!

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