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Patch Notes v621


Patch Notes v621

Bug Fixes

  • Several adjustments have been made to alleviate disconnections caused by high combat activity areas (e.g. Akram Arena).  We appreciate your feedback on this issue and will continue monitoring and make further adjustments as needed to improve on latency and connection issues during these scenarios.
  • Updated Magical Wizard Hat to disassemble into Premium Points.
  • Corrected buying price on Silentwalker Boots.
  • Updated class restrictions on Wild Hawker Boots and Silentwalker Boots to be consistent with other class armor pieces.
  • Corrected misinformation of how many Ancient Pirate Coins are required for exchange in [Captain] PegLeg's dialogue.

Several new discounted rate boxes have been added to give you more for less!  While you're at it,

Items > Gameplay

  • Adventurer's Booster Pack New!
  • Adventurer's Cuisine Pack New!

Specials > Special

  • Silver Keychain New!
  • Golden Keychain New!

Specials > Sale

  • Farmer's Package

Premium Account Service (180 Days) and Back to School boxes are no longer available for purchase.

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