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Patch Notes v642


Patch Notes v642


Back To School Event

The time to show that school spirit has finally come with our Back To School event, running from August 20th to September 8th! More details about the event can be found here!

Wandering Monsters in Orlo
There have been rare sightings of monsters that like to wander the vast desert plains of The Golden Ring, Fossil Sanctuary and Wasteland Ruins Path. These creatures are have been known to drop unique jewelry pieces that may prove to be a useful addition to any Visitor's arsenal.

The following jewelry equipment items can be obtained from Wandering monsters in Orlo:


Refine Grade Expansion
The maximum refine grade has been expanded, allowing equipment to be upgraded all the way up to grade 20! Take your abilities to the next level with a new found boost in potential, if you can overcome the challenges to get there!


Item Mall

  • Hardcore Lucky Box [NEW!]Hardcore Wings of Strength
  • Hardcore Wings of Dexterity
  • Hardcore Wings of Intelligence
  • Hardcore Wings of Concentration
  • Hardcore Wings of Charm
  • Hardcore Wings of Sense
  • Steadfast Wings of Strength
  • Steadfast Wings of Dexterity
  • Steadfast Wings of Intelligence
  • Steadfast Wings of Concentration
  • Steadfast Wings of Charm
  • Steadfast Wings of Sense
  • Staunch Wings of Strength
  • Staunch Wings of Dexterity
  • Staunch Wings of Intelligence
  • Staunch Wings of Concentration
  • Staunch Wings of Charm
  • Staunch Wings of Sense
  • Back-to-School Box
  • School Backpack Box
  • School Bookbag Box


The following items are no longer available for purchase from the Item Mall:

  • Lucky Gear Box
  • Schools Out Box


The following items have been temporarily updated to Account Locked while we continue our efforts to address the reports of item duplication:

  • Box Of Plutorunes
  • Box Of Venurunes
  • Love Story Costume
  • Tea Party Costume Package
  • Lucky Gear Box
  • Summer Fun Box
  • Mini-Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box
  • Big Astarot Wings of Cataclysm Box
  • Big Astarot Wings of Sentiment Box
  • Small box of Small Wings
  • Luau Box
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