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Patch Notes v643/v644

Patch Notes v643

Honor & Valor Gem Update

Honor and Valor gem tiers have been expanded to level 240!  Valor gems can be found at [Valor Materials] Mason, and Honor gems can be found at [Honor Items] Henry in Junon Polis.

Elemental System

Sorcery, Holy, Poison and Ghost have been rebalanced to have an equal number of strengths and weaknesses between each element.  The new dynamics between each element are summarized in the table below

Item Mall

  • The Item Mall Promotion side bar has been replaced with a Featured tab, making it simpler than ever to see what's hot in the Item Mall!
  • More items are now displayed per page in the Item Mall window.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Corrected degrade/destroy warning messages when attempting to refine grade 8, Honor and Valor equipment beyond grade 15.
  • Corrected Magic Defense bonus scaling on Drifter jewelry set.
  • Corrected issue preventing Pharaoh's Key from dropping for level 250 characters.
  • Corrected item tooltip description for Lucky Gear Box.
  • Upgrades to server hardware to improve network performance.
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