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Patch Notes v656

Patch Notes v656

Lucky Spin

  • Jam On It Costume [New!]
  • Ethereal Deceiver Costume [New!]
  • Beekeeper Costume
  • Eggbird Costume
  • Rosadeer Costume
  • Glam Flamingo Costume
  • Ruler Costume
  • Sea Glitz Costume
  • Explorer Rascal Costume
  • Celestial Adornment
  • Fox Wing

Leprechauns abound~! From March 16 to April 1, you can grab your very own Leprechauns at no extra cost when you spend in the Item Mall this month.

For WarpPortal users:

  • Spend 1000 IM or more to receive a free Red Leprechaun
  • Spend 2000 IM or more to receive a free Golden Leprechaun

And for Steam users, in celebration of our Spring into Savings Steam Sale:

  • Spend 600 IM or more to receive a free Red Leprechaun
  • Spend 1200 IM or more to receive a free Golden Leprechaun

Note: A maximum of 1 of each type of Leprechaun mount will be rewarded per ROSE account. Mount rewards will be distributed after the promotional period has ended, no later than April 3rd.

Specials > Event

  • Summon Leprechaun
  • Kiss me I'm Irish T-Shirt
  • Clover Balloon
  • Patricks Lucky Box

Specials > Seasonal

  • March Lucky Box
  • Spring Box

Specials > Limited

  •  Lucky Gear Box

The following items are no longer available for purchase from the Item Mall: 

  • Valentine Lucky Box
  • Valentine Gift Box
  • Sweetheart Box
  • Heart-Shaped Box
  • Heart Headband
  • Box of Feathered Capes
  • Box of Guardian Wings

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous

Corrected issue with some color variations of the Traditional Chinese Costume not being given from the Spring Premium Daily Box.

Corrected issue causing several event monsters to attack very slowly.

 Corrected display issue with Pinkheart Pork-Fiend's hammer weapon.
 Prismatic Dust gem crafting material will now correctly drop from higher levelled Orlo monsters as an Epic tier item drop.

The following items have been temporarily set to Account Locked:

  • Patricks Lucky Box
  • March Lucky Box
  • April Lucky Box
  • Arua's Winter Adventure Box
  • Hebarn's Winter Domination Box
  • Box of Guardian Wings
  • Box of Gearwork Wings
  • Box of Gearflight Backshield
  • Box of Winged Goggles
  • Box of Clockwork Hunting Hat
  • Patrick's Day Box
  • Spring Box
  • Summer Box
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